First step is calling (508)-378-4700 or emailing us to set up a remote assistance session.

-- After the method of payment is determined ( prices can be found under" services " ) you will be directed to click on the CPR remote assistance module.  Follow the onscreen instructions to start the module.  One or two Windows Security screens will display.  You can safely click "Run" on these screens.

The CPR remote module does not contain malicious content of any kind and does not install preloaded or permanent software on your PC..  The small application you open when you click "Run" on the Windows Security screens is used to initiate the connection to a CPR Tech's Computer.  It will not, and cannot, connect your computer to any place other than CPR.  You must initiate the connection. 

 The Connection.

Double Click on the Link you were directed to.

  In just a few seconds, you will be connected to a CPR professional who will see your computer screen just as you see it.  The CPR professional will  experience your problem just as if they were sitting at your computer.  Once the connection is established, the CPR remote service tech will see your screen on their monitor.  They will be able to control your mouse cursor to navigate through your PC to determine the problem. 

You maintain complete control at all times and you can end the session at anytime with just a mouse click.  It is important to remember that the remote technician sees only what you see on your screen.  So you can be confident that your sensitive information will remain private and secure.

When the session is completed the Connection Application self-deletes from your PC and further connection is not possible unless initiated by you.  To re-establish a connection you must follow steps 1 and 2 again.

The Connection Application uses the same port on your router that is always open to internet traffic, it does not open additional ports and it does not leave you vulnerable to malicious intruders.

 Sit Back And Watch Us Serve You


That's all there is to it!

--Just sit back and watch as our Remote Technician  controls your mouse and keyboard to efficiently and effectively solve your computer issues.  CPR has the capability to correct settings and configurations for your system.  We can run spyware scans and virus scans remotely and can even install new or updated anti-virus and spyware programs.

CPR can install and set-up any new programs from your CD-ROMs,  remotely, install up-to-date or missing drivers for your devices, set-up your email accounts and help you keep spam out of your mailboxes.

All this right on your computer, at your location.  Convenient and completely secure.  Just give us a call, then sit back and watch as we diagnose and repair your PC.