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CPR's Goal has always been to help make technology something everyone can enjoy and benefit from by taking frustration out of the equation. That’s why we put together our Simple Security for Seniors or Triple S Package!

  • Simple, easy to use system                   

  •  Superior low light Smart cameras                

  • Low cost, energy efficient            (Our entire system uses less energy than 1 standard light-bulb)                             

  • One click of your smartphone will allow you to access your cameras from anywhere                                      

  • Expandable to grow with your needs                                                      

  • Hardwired for reliability and security                                                   

  • Clean, professional installation          

  • No Hidden or Monthly fees!

Whats included

  •  (NVR) Network Video Recorder (supports up to 8 cameras)


  •  1TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive = Around 1-week of 24/7 (with support up to 10TB)


  •  Four Superior, low light High definition, indoor/outdoor day/night Smart cameras


  •  IVS technology!


  •  1 touch easy to use, Smart phone app to view your cameras from anywhere


  •  Support for on-camera SD recording for added redundancy


  •  Onboard mic (check local laws for use and application)


  •  The latest H.265 encoding means storing more video on smaller hard drive!


  •  Standard setup and installation using high-quality materials

What is IVS Technology?



 Intelligent Video System (IVS) is a technology that provides advanced, accurate smart video analytics for network cameras and NVRs. This package offers a variety of built-in intelligent video analytics that range from motion detection, tripwire violations, abandoned or missing object detection, face recognition and more.


What is the purpose of IVS?



 In simple terms, IVS provides a quicker, more accurate way for the user to find points of interest from previously recorded video without the need to browse through hours or even days of footage!


 As a result, IVS saves users time when searching for important events due to less recorded video to sort through.

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